You’re as sick as you think that you are 

I’ve got a bad habit, and I think it’s time to come clean.

Whenever another person, be it a stranger or a friend, compliments my healthy lifestyle, I always correct them by saying something like

“Oh believe me I don’t always feel how I look” 


“You wouldn’t believe how sick I actually am” 

Why? Because that’s how I’ve seen myself: as a sick person. I have anxiety, and gut issues. And my hormones are out of balance. Sometimes I can’t digest food for days, and it affects every other system, which is usually followed by a horrendous skin breakout.

So I tell others I am sick. But more importantly, I tell myself.

I realize now how much I have been holding myself back.

I do believe that each and every one of our cells vibrates with energy, and that the saying “our biography is our biology”, that I have so recently learned, is absolutely true. The idea behind this is that the way that we think, especially the way we think about ourselves, literally changes the way that we feel.

If you believe in the power of positivity or the law of attraction, this isn’t a far stretch. But instead of what you think having an effect on what’s around you, this states that what you think and feel affects your physical body.

So get this: every time I have labelled myself as a sick person, I became such. Every time I wallowed in my discomfort and felt hopeless, I became hopeless. It would definitely explain why I have struggled with this for so long.


I’ve learned so much these past couple of years about myself, and also about wellness and health. I have worked on myself constantly; I have done so much for myself regarding my anxiety and my health issues. Now, I know the next walk of the journey is to step into the spiritual realm of healing.

Today, I set myself free.

I am healthy. I am strong. I am healing every day.

Please note I am not claiming that illness is simply something that people bring upon themselves, as most illnesses and ailments are complex in nature and have many factors involved.  Positive vibes to you all!








If you want to read a little more of the ‘sciencey’ research on this, check out this article:

The Human Energy Field and DNA: How You Choose Your Genes (Waking Times)

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