February Update


As we near the end of this month, I realize that I have been avoiding writing this post.

Why? Because I still struggle with facing the truth, and the truth is that I still struggle sometimes. My life is so perfectly imperfect, and to update you all in a genuine way means to be honest. But in a moment where I felt like I didn’t want to be vulnerable, I reminded myself that it is exactly this which brings us together.

If I follow your blog, or I’ve commented on it, or I’ve liked a post, it’s because I found something in you that resonated with me – something real. Your struggle, your passion, your energy – something spoke to me. This is meerly my chance to reciprocate, I suppose.

Earlier this month I turned 28. I know, for a fact, that this will be my best year yet. Why? Because I’m another year smarter, wiser, and I’m taking great care of myself.

But also: no one with anxiety likes to talk about getting older. Because getting older leads to death, and don’t you dare talk to someone with anxiety about death! Yes, it reminded me that I’m walking down a trail to the end. What a beauty and a blessing it is to be alive – I know it wouldn’t be all it’s meant to be if it didn’t end.

Yet I keep wondering, when that time comes – did I do enough? Did I accomplished all I set out to? Did I change the world in any positive way? I know this is mostly my anxiety talking.

Well you know what they say – if you live in the past you are depressed, and if you live in the future you are anxious. The best thing to do is live in the present!

On the bright side, my twin sister and I got to spend some quality time together for our birthday and that was awesome. We went for a bite at this place called Little Henry – it was amazing and they have so many gluten and dairy free options! Then we cruised around some shops and took some photos. And of course, coffee was necessary too!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As far as my fitness is concerned, it has been a tough month for getting in the gym! I have been eating on a 95/5 ratio since January but progress has been slow. However, it has been steady. I’m sure if I had more time to dedicate to the gym I would see results sooner.

But hey, that’s life. And the gym will always be there. The abs will be out by summer! Mark my words.

That being said, I am still making it in at least 3x a week so I know I knooooowww *cue eye roll right? That’s quite sufficient for someone who also works and goes to school.

I’m learning not to punish myself when it comes to being perfect. I know it’s a topic I talk about a lot here, but hey – we can’t work through these things overnight. It would be nice though!

Isn’t she cute?

As February comes to an end, I know I have a lot to look forward to. I’m halfway done school and so pumped about it. I’ve started working on and researching for my book – eep! I’m working hard day in and day out to make sure that my dreams come true.


And when I have a bad day, week, or month, I always fall back on the fact that I am surrounded by such a great community of people on social media and WordPress to be there as witness to my ever evolving journey of self-improvement!

I appreciate each and every one of you!

Until next time Strong Babes!

7 responses to “February Update”

  1. I loved this! I’m 32 and this might sound kind of dumb but after 30 a lot of my anxiety eased up. Don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely still a process. But I think with age you just realize more and more what’s important and what’s not. And you start to realize more and more perfect doesn’t exist. And! haha 🙂 that everyone else is really just figuring everything out too. I also want to say the fact that you’re being open and honest about thing makes you braver than about 90% of the people you even talk to throughout the day!


  2. “I’m learning not to punish myself when it comes to being perfect.” –> ME TOO. I also really relate to the feeling of avoiding writing a post. 😂 But Jen, you are such an amazing woman with so much to offer the world. Even though it’s been a tough month, you have still accomplished so much… and you still find the time to keep up with your fellow bloggers and what’s going on in their world! It’s amazing, and I really appreciate you!


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