Make it Happen Monday 

Hey babes, sorry I’m late!


I usually prep these Monday posts and schedule them so that they are up first thing in the morning with all you brights and shinys. But this weekend was exceptionally crazy, and last night what I really needed was to lay on the couch, drink coffee, and be with my thoughts. I know you all are okay with that cause you’re awesome.

You know, so much has changed for me in the last two years – one of those major things being the amount that I put out there about myself. I’m very active on instagram and I’m always sharing tidbits of my life on this blog. I enjoy it of course, or I wouldn’t do it!

This Make it Happen Monday, I want to look at that. When we are making IT happen (whatever IT is to you), are we present in enjoying IT happening, or are we too busy posting about it?

I guess it begs the question: if you make it happen and you don’t post it on social media, are you still making it happen?

The answer is absolutely. 

Take that hike. Visit that lake. Network with those people. Dip your toes in the water. Be one with nature. Make that PR.

And don’t even post about it…

I dare you.


Happy Make it Happen Monday!

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2 thoughts on “Make it Happen Monday 

  1. Whenever I go out into nature, on a hike, on a run, etc. it just changes the whole tone of the day. I swear there is no place that I feel more at peace. I love this- and I will whole-heartedly take this post to heart- I’m going to make an extra effort to “unplug” this summer. Thanks for sharing, love! I’ve been slacking on my comments, but I am still reading these posts diligently and you motivate me ALWAYS!

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