June Update ’17

I interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to share with you some really important news: I went to the best. farm. EVER. last weekend. It’s called Kangaroo Creek Farm – nestled in the Okanagan they provided the most hands-on animal experience I’ve ever had. I got up close with a sugarglider, kangaroos, goats, capybaras, chickens, and more. The very best part was holding a baby kangaroo – it was so sweet and calm and squishy and warm!

I’m an animal lover, and being there totally made my year. It was on my list of “must-do”s this past weekend as Matthew and I took the weekend off for some quality time together. It was awesome hitting the road, and we had the pleasure of being hosted by my Grandma who was gracious and as most grandmas do, she fed us well.

Can you guys believe it’s June already? I haven’t had a single picnic. Or made any popsicles. I haven’t even come close to buying new sunglasses and losing them (yet). It just doesn’t feel like summer is here! But maybe it will feel more like it over the next couple weeks. I’ll be finishing classes soon. SUPER SOON. Actually, I’m completing my oral exam tomorrow so if you have a moment – send some positive vibes my way!

I haven’t mentioned this yet but lately I’ve been going back to old posts – mostly for maintenance reasons – I needed to update some things as well as do some streamlining. I couldn’t help but notice the transition that this blog has gone through, and also what I have gone through. It’s cool to know that I’ve seen this blog through, to almost two years.

It’s not always easy! It’s a commitment. But truly I love it. If nothing else, it’s the perfect excuse to enjoy a hot cup of coffee and talk about the things I’m most passionate about. And it’s all that much cooler that you care enough to listen. So thanks to you, reader.

I’m sorry I don’t have more exciting news to report – but maybe for now that’s good. I’m actually about to enter a season of change. Who knows what my next update might say? I might be certified in holistic nutrition by then! Or maybe I’ll have run away to the Kangaroo Farm. Either way I’ll be happy. Wish me luck tomorrow! 

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