Creating a Safe Space: Himalayan Salt Rock Lamps 

First, I want to talk briefly about the importance of creating a safe space. A safe space is important for people with anxiety – absolutely – but everybody deserves a sanctuary where they can go and feel safe. These past couple of months, we’ve been working on our bedroom, trying to get it where we want it to be. Of course, we aren’t made of money, and most of the stuff we tend to buy in terms of furniture is second hand, so progress is slow and exceptions must be made.

Right now, my focus is on the bedroom. When I’ve had a bad day, or my anxiety is high, this is where I gravitate…or hide. You know! It’s the place I go for calm and healing. One of the first items we’ve gotten for our bedroom, besides the basics, is a Himalayan Salt Rock lamp.

I think like many people, I was drawn to Himalayan Salt Rock lamps because they are so beautiful – with their warm soft glow shining through their textured, earthy appearance. But later, I came to understand that these lamps actually serve a unique and really interesting purpose that might be really beneficial for you.

Himalayan Salt Rocks are similar to the earth in that they release negative ions. This could explain why, like being in nature, these lamps have a calming and grounding effect. What’s also great about these negative ions is that they also balance out the positive ions released by all of our electronic devices – like our laptops and phones. Having the lamp in my room makes me feel a little bit better about sleeping with my phone in my room, and watching late night movies on our laptop in bed.

Himalayan Salt Rock Lamps can also help to purify air. The salt attracts water vapour from the air, and when it does the water is eventually released, but the pollutants stay. Studies have shown that it can also provide relief for those dealing with allergies or asthma – but this is more so true when the salt is actually inhaled or you are in a salt-cave environment.

Not only are the beneficial in those aspects, but many people actually find the hue of the lamp glow to be very calming. Promoting relaxation in a bedroom is great practice in sleep hygiene, and therefore may help you get a better sleep.

I definitely have noticed the relaxation benefits, and I’m happy with this addition to my safe space! What’s a must have for you guys in your space?

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