#betterskin Challenge – Week 2 

You know how sometimes things get worse, before they get better? That’s me right now.

I got my period this week, and the week before I always get a nasty, hormonally driven breakout. The big blemishes that hurt – those are what I have to deal with this time of month. Ugh!

But let me speak on a positive note – I do think the changes I made last week have helped me make some progress. To recap: my plan last week was to focus on regulating cortisol (via Himalaya StressCare supplement) and to up my water intake to 8 glasses a day.

Taking the stress care has been no problem, but upping my water intake was a lot harder than I thought it would be! This has always been somewhat of a struggle for me. I love warm beverages like coffee and tea, and would naturally reach for those before a tall glass of water.

But I have noticed that my skin is much less dry – almost drastically so – than it was before. My face used to itch and flake if I didn’t put lotion or oil on right after I washed my face – and today I noticed I don’t get the same discomfort, after only one week no less!

It’s crazy to think that I would be in such a state of dehydration that my skin should suffer, but unfortunately this may have been the case.

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Either way, I am ready to keep moving forward!

This week I’m implementing something with liver support in mind. Now I know what you might be thinking: Jen, what the heck does your liver have to do with your skin? Well actually, your skin and your liver are both major detox organs. So when your liver is overburdened, your skin has to take on extra work in terms of detoxification. Your liver and your skin are more closely linked than you think, and symptoms of an unhealthy liver can show up in the skin first!

That being said, the handy tool I’m adding to my toolbox this week is Traditional Medicinals Organic Dandelion Root Tea. Dandelion root tea supports the liver with detoxification, so I’m going to add one cup of this to my nightly regimen! I love having tea at night, so this should be an easy habit to implement.



I also wanted to add something fun this week – something that felt like pampering. I don’t do much to my face outside of my routine of removing my makeup with facewash and toning afterwards. So this week, I’m adding to my regimen a really thorough face scrub twice a week.

Truthfully though, I find a lot of store bought ones to be expensive and lacking in quality. So why not make my own? I found a few different easy to make ones, but I think I’m going to try a coffee grounds, coarse sugar, and coconut oil one at home. The coffee grounds are supposed to stimulate circulation towards the surface of the skin, leaving a healthier glow. I guess we’ll see!

That’s all for this week – wish me luck friends!

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