Keep Cooking with Rosemary 

Sometimes we become so focused on so called ‘SUPER FOODS’ in nutrition that we forget that some of our pantry staples also contain some pretty cool benefits.

Rosemary is a piney-smelling herb used commonly in cooking – you’ve probably added it before to a soup, stew, or stuffing. For that reason, it always reminds me of the colder seasons – but for all it’s benefits, as you’ll see, it’s a great ingredient to incorporate all year long!



Rosemary has properties that help to stimulate blood flow, aid digestion, and promote a healthy immune system. It also contains anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant substances such as rosmarinic acid, caffeic acid, betulic acid, and carnosol. One study indicated that these substances may also be linked to benefits on learning and memory.

Did you know: the smell of rosemary alone has been linked to a decrease in stress, as well as an increase in mood. And I know, I know, as if it weren’t enough, it can also help freshen your breath! It probably has something to do with it’s antimicrobial properties. At least you know it’s there if you’re in a bad breath pinch!

It’s best used fresh while it’s still bright green – for best keeping, put it in the refrigerator stored in a damp towel. If you keep the dry stuff on hand, don’t forget to check the expiry date and invest in a new jar about every six months.

Looking for a creative way to use it? Start adding it to mocktails, or your nightly warm lemon water. Use it in your homemade savory baked goods. You could even try adding it to your bath! Just try not to accidentally sit on it’s sharp little leaves.

What’s your favourite way to use rosemary?


Rosemary: Benefits, Uses, and Side Effects

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