Plant-Based Holiday Dinner Picks

Holiday dinners around our house sure have changed – and I mean for the better. All that I’ve learned over the last couple of years, not just about myself but about food in general, has made me care more about the quality of food I put into my body.

Like many of you out there on the same journey, the Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner menus have been revamped. We’re swapping the same boring ol’ beige, inflammatory and nutrient lacking foods for something that excites the taste buds and also packs a healthy punch.

Whether you are curious about what is going to be on my plate this year, or even just looking for inspiration today, you came to the right place. These are my plant-based Holiday Dinner Picks – carefully plucked from some of the best recipe creators on the internet.


Starters and sides…


Cashew Macadamia Nut Cheese – To Die For Vancouver

It’s really no wonder why Erin Ireland is so popular – not only does she share her incredible day-to-day vegan meals with her Instagram followers, but she also shares the best recipes on her site To Die For. Her cashew macadamia nut cheese recipe is sure to placate hungry hungry crowds pre-dinner time!



Healthy Sweet Potato Casserole – The Roasted Root 

The Roasted Root has quickly become one of my favourite sites to find recipes and inspiration that suit not only my tastebuds, but also my healthy lifestyle. Julia, the talented woman behind The Roasted Root, is a pro on creating recipes that work with dietary restrictions, which I love and appreciate as a dairy-free and gluten-avoidant eater. This recipe does contain eggs, so the vegans out there will have to omit them from the recipe… but I bet it’s just as good without.




Fall Harvest Stuffing – Sarah’s Vegan Kitchen

I have always loved stuffing, although many of the ones I’ve had over the years have been somewhat of a ‘mystery’ when it comes to ingredients. Well, ignorance used to be bliss! But not anymore. If you want a vegan friendly stuffing that also manages to sneak in some veggies, you’ve gotta check out this recipe. Sarah also creates some pretty awesome recipe videos on her YouTube – she’s a must to check out!




Warm Winter Salad – Standing Strong Wellness

Is this a shameless plug, or just a really awesome holiday recipe? Can’t it be both? This recipe says HOLIDAY! with all the crunchy, textured goodness of a salad. PS, it’s also way easier to throw together than it seems, and the colors will wow your guests! For my other recipes, check out my recipe page!


The main event… 


Vegan Tortiere – Ricki Heller 

Ricki was right – her vegan tortiere looks surprisingly… meaty! I wonder if my guests will even notice the difference. I think this dish is the perfect main event for a holiday dinner. It’s cauliflower and walnut based, so not only are you getting a great meaty main alternative, but all the plant benefits that come with.




Vegan Shepard’s Pie with Veggie Crumbles – Namely Marly

I’ll admit – I was looking specifically for a good Vegan Shepard’s Pie when I first came across Namely Marly. That being said… I’ll be back (maybe later today for some dinner inspo). I love everything about this dish. I love the looks of it – it’s classic yet colourful. And honestly, I was relieved to finally find a plant-based shepard’s pie without lentils. I love them, but my my partner has trouble digesting them, so all of those options are out. And guess what Marly? Your Shepard’s Pie is IN. my stomach. SOON.

The Dessert…


Black Bean Gingerbread Bars – Detoxinista 

I’ve made Megan’s Chickpea Chocolate Chip Cookies countless (no seriously I forget how many) times, so lets not be surprised I went looking for dessert there first! Gingerbread is one of my all-time-favourite holiday treats, and I love that these manage to sneak in some extra fiber. I can’t wait to serve them to my guests – and if they don’t have any room left after dinner to eat them up well, then, more for me!


pumpkinpiecustardstitlenew-e1510857893313 (1)

Pumpkin Pie Custards with Brulee Topping – Plant Powered Kitchen

Put a fork in me because I’m absolutely done. This heavenly looking custard is vegan and gluten free, and probably worth investing in a cooking torch for. Like so many of you I’m a pumpkin pie lover, but I’m more than welcoming to the idea of doing something a little bit different. Why not surprise my guests with a custard? They won’t know what hit them! Thank you Dreena for the recipe, I can’t stop salivating!


I really hope you guys loved these recipes that I shared today and give some major credit to the creators who are both talented and astounding. Visit them, find them – follow them! They have tons of other recipes to offer – maybe something that could even end up on the dinner plate tonight!

Thank you guys so much for dropping by. I wish I could all invite you for Christmas dinner, but unfortunately my table only seats 8! I encourage you guys to try something new this Holiday season, eat tons of plants, share your love, and be good to yourselves.


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