Make it Happen Monday

Hey Strong Babes –

I’ve just finished taking the weekend off – operating without a schedule or any specific goals in mind. After a crazy last 9 months of being in school, I needed it.

But it’s also so easy to fall into that pattern. To let my responsibilities, and my goals, to fall to the wayside. It’s not easy staying self-motivated – it’s not easy firing yourself up every morning. It’s hard. No one said it was going to be easy!

This morning I decided I needed to get up and show the day how it’s going to be. Because if I don’t take control and decide today I’m going to be productive – today I’m getting stuff done – if I don’t make that decision and act on it, how can I expect to get where I need to go today.

You know what they say: you either run the day, or the day runs you.

You decide.

Make it happen!

Make it Happen Monday

Hey everyone!

Welcome back for another Make it Happen Monday.

This week, we are gonna slow it down a little bit.

I invite you all to click on the guided meditation below. It has truly helped me on my toughest morning – especially the ones where I don’t need to be REVVED UP, but rather, brought down.



I hope it leaves you with a sense of clarity, so you can go about your Monday strong in your mind!

Happy Monday!

Get out of the Everyday Monotony

Its what we do.

We eat breakfast, we go to work, we’re polite and we follow the norms. We make a reasonable dinner and get everything ready for tomorrow, because tomorrow we must do it all again.

In this routine we get stuck in, there’s no joy. There’s no fulfillment. There’s no heart racing, air gasping, mind blowing happiness. Because out of life we only get what we expect, and we expect the same thing over and over again.

Today, I want to encourage you to break the mold. Do something different. Do something crazy. Challenge yourself. Liberate yourself!

This can be as simple as changing your routine in some small way. Like lunch. Or the route you take to work.

Or it could be as big as purposefully acting in kindness. Buy a stranger a coffee. Dance in your kitchen. Forget dinner, it’s pancakes tonight. Jump on a trampoline for the first time in ten years. Just. Fucking. Do it.

I think we need, as a society, to stop pretending that being ‘normal’ makes us happy. Or fitting in makes us happy. Or slaving away at our 9-5 jobs just to make a buck makes us happy. We do those things to get by.

But what about feeling alive?

What do you do to feel that incredible sense of aliveness?

Here’s what you should do:

Make a list of things that make you feel a sense of peace, purpose, and utter joy:

  • Travelling
  • Laughing until your tummy hurts
  • Cooking something new
  • Acting like a kid again (building snow men, making forts, etc)

Do said things. Do them all. 

Remind yourself that you are not here to perpetuate the every day monotony. You are here to feel, to know joy, to sense the blood rushing through your veins.

No more living one day to the next to the next.

I care for you all, stranger or not, and I hope you find that thing that makes you feel alive and embrace it.