Check-in/ October 21tst 2015

Hey everyone! I’m a little late posting my October progress but here is me 🙂

I aim for mid-month but life does get in the way sometimes!


I’ve been dieting for the last 3 weeks or so, but I haven’t seen any leaning out. I was definitely frustrated initially. Ugh. You guys know how it is. I just have to hang in there! I’ve been having major stomach issues for the last few months and that has definitely affected me as well.

After thanksgiving dinner, I bloated up like I was 9 months pregnant! And I didn’t even eat until I felt super full! But I dealt with bloating for over a week. And just a general feeling of being unwell. I’m sticking with my workouts and I’m sticking with my eating. And any week now I’ll pull through!

It’s so easy to go to a place where we hate our bodies, especially when we work so hard for one thing and it doesn’t work. But I will continue to love myself towards my goals.

Improvements: My butt is looking better than ever! I’m lucky; my genetics do allow some of my fat to magically float there when I’m a few pounds extra!


As my boyfriend says: “look at those dimensions!”

Current Focus: My current focus is on leaning out and building curves. Big legs and big shoulders. If you aren’t born with it, build it!

Eating: My eating has been pretty clean for the last few weeks! I’ve been restricting carbs throughout the day and focusing on having them more during breakfast when I need the energy!

Feeling like: I’m overcoming. I weigh the most I have ever been. I don’t look overweight, but it plays games with your head. I have struggled. But I have also realized that my muscle definition is not what makes me beautiful. My determination and work ethic do. And I never quit 🙂

What is so beautiful about the fitness journey is that I have the privilege of setting and resetting my goals. Overall, I look forward to getting better every day, in one way or another. I would love to be nice and lean over the holidays. I want to show people that it’s not impossible to be lean over the holidays. But that’s a post for another day 🙂 !

Thanks for reading!

Why Food Prep is Paramount for your Goals

This is going to be a great discussion. Who doesn’t love to talk about food? Food preparation is so important when it comes to creating an efficient wellness routine, especially if you are working towards a specific goal.

Why is food prep so important?

Firstly, it gives you control over what you are eating. I know exactly what’s in my food: I made it. I don’t count calories or macros, so I focus on making good quality, nutrient-dense food. I know the oil my food was cooked in, I know what’s in the sauce, I know when it was made. It keeps me invested in what I’m putting in my body. Forget eating mindlessly –  I created this food!

Doing meal prep also helps to ensure that I’m including the valuable nutrients that I need. On the days that I feel like I’m dragging, I make sure my food is full of the vitamins and minerals I need to stay on my feet. I can also make sure I have the amount of carbs, protein, and healthy fats in each meal required to keep me, as an individual, at my very best.

I’m currently bulking up – the goal right now is absolutely positively to gain weight. So yes, in theory I could go out and eat all the pizza, french fries, and ice cream I want (that dirty bulk). It is prossible that I could reach my own personal goal if I ate out for every meal. So why not? Well it’s not just about quantity, it’s also about quality. I want to make sure I’m putting quality food in my body and ensuring a slight surplus in calories. I want to put on a little weight and feel good. And no, that’s not too much to ask.

Food prep is also an incredible system that you can put in place to prevent you from making a compulsive decision. Think of it as a safety net. Have you ever caught yourself at a restaurant, with every intention of getting something that fits your needs and goals, but instead you go for something totally different? I can’t tell you how many times it’s happened to me!

If you’re prepared and eating your own food, you decrease the chances that you are going to put yourself in a vulnerable situation. If you’re on your way home from work and your dead tired, you might consider stopping for some quick food. But if you have food ready and waiting for you when you get home, then you won’t be discouraged by the thought of cooking.

It’s like that old saying…


Having meals ready also encourages you not to miss one. If you rush out of the house in the mornings, include prepping breakfast. Your body is an engine that requires fuel to keep burning. If you’re not eating, you’re not only going to be tired but your body also lacks the resources it relies on for energy, and you’re going to feel burnt out.

When you get into the habit of not eating for extended periods of time, your brain tells your body that your environment lacks the resources necessary for life. If you are eating under 1,000 calories a day, your brain is going to tell your metabolism to sloooowwww down. Of course, this is your body’s natural reaction to hold onto what little resources it has.

Lastly, food prep is easier on the budget. Eating out isn’t always expensive, but it definitely adds up quickly. Buy on special, cook in bulk, and eat according to your goals!

My favorite things to meal prep are:

  • A fat fueled salad with avocado, nuts, and seeds
  • Tofu Salad Rolls
  • Stir Fry
  • Quinoa Salad

Now you know why Food Prep is important, but you might still be unsure where to start.

Thankfully, I’ve created an Easy-Peasy Meal Prep Guide for just that. The best part? It’s absolutely 100% free. You can download it here. 

Happy Eating!


The Number One Reason WHY Your Dreams are NOT Coming True

I’ve always been drawn to understanding people. What I’m really interested in is what drives people, what motivates them. What makes us different? What separates the people who are just going through the motions in life from those who are consciously being and growing? Why are some people successful, and some aren’t?

Believing in yourself is a big player here. Unless you truly believe that your goal is attainable, you won’t even try. Why would you? No one in their right mind would put effort into something they were sure wasn’t going to work. The thing is, we are always so “sure” without being sure. We are quick to dismiss ourselves as not good enough, or even quicker to dismiss it as a problem with our “situation”. We blame the external world, we feel held back, we say “I would do it but…”.



This is where the truth comes out. There is something at play here that is much bigger than just believing. Before we can believe, we have to let go of the fear that holds us back. Fear of failing, fear of falling, fear that it won’t work out. Fear is paralyzing.

Take a moment to think about something you wish you would have done but were too afraid.

Think about what would have happened if you had done it.

I can’t even begin to list the amazing things I would have done in life if I hadn’t let fear hold me back. I would have jumped at every opportunity that came along! Instead, I shied away. I was a “can’t” person.

Sometimes my “can’ts” were about me. I’m not skilled enough, I’m not capable, it will never work out. I blamed anything else. I don’t have enough support, it’s not the right time, this is a stupid idea. It’s all garbage. I was afraid. I was worried that it wouldn’t work out and I would look like a fool.

More than that, I was worried that it would.


Most people are so committed to being comfortable that the idea of actually being successful makes us uneasy. What if it does work out? What if I do make it? What if my relationship/new business/academic venture/travel plans actually work out?

We never expect for good things to happen to us, but we always expect the bad. When the bad comes, we say “that’s life”. When the good comes, we say “this isn’t meant for me” and we run.

Don’t be afraid. If by chance you fail, it means you’re trying, your playing the game. The only way to win the game is to play. Failure is not the opposite of success, but rather a part of the journey towards it.

Plus, I really think if you try, you just might surprise yourself.

I think you can do it; that thing that you are so afraid of.

And don’t say you aren’t scared, you are scared. It’s scary.

The majority of people make decisions based on fear every single day. It’s normal, but it doesn’t mean it’s right. Stop holding yourself back from that thing that is meant and waiting for you.

You deserve happiness and you deserve success. You are worthy. There is nothing to be afraid of but fear itself.

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?” – Marianne Williamson