Check-in/ September 18th 2015

Well, it looks like it’s that time again!

Mid-month check-in time that is.

I wasn’t able to take one picture that could fully capture my current figure, so this time around I am including two.


Abs on hiatus 


Proud of that BUTT and that SEP (separation)

Improvements: I’m proud of the serious gains I’ve made in the last couple months. I think I owe a lot of that momentum to eating more and taking my nutrition more seriously. My shoulders are becoming more defined, and my legs are coming along just as I had hoped!

Current Focus: Current focus has switched from legs in general to building my quads. I would mostly like to go back to focusing on upper body for a while – wider lats and bigger shoulders!

Eating: It’s been such a great bulk over the last couple of months; like I said I think I owe the strides I’ve made mostly to that. My boyfriend and I are taking a trip to Vegas at the end of next month and I want to roll in looking lean, so I’m doing a mini-cut for the next 6 weeks to start leaning out. It’s been a while since I’ve seen my abs, I can’t wait to say hello to those again!

Feeling like: I’m proud of myself. I’ve been really consistent this last year despite everything. Despite school, work, and any personal issues I’ve encountered I always made it to the gym. Not only did I make it there, but when I showed up I gave it my all. I know incredible things are on the horizon for the next year.

6 responses to “Check-in/ September 18th 2015”

  1. Way to go, girl. That’s awesome. You look fantastic, seriously. I’m still quite early days on gaining mass. A long slow process. I’ll know when it’s working because my 8 pack will be more 2 pack. My hamstrings are really well defined but need bigger quads.


      • I’ve just realised that I’m eating again. Only an hour after dinner and I’m shoving more food down my throat. I’ve forgotten what hunger feels like as I’m never given the chance to experience that feeling any more. Mmmmmm almond butter.


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