April Update 

Hey you, how have you been?

Oh me? Oh you know, I’ve just been hanging out here on my beautiful white chair, in this room this pristine decor, hanging out in a body suit. I’m pretty sure that’s what bloggers do.

Jokes aside, it was a pleasure to have my sister take these shots the other day. I am in awe of how well she captured me. I think there is something to be said about being able to be vulnerable around someone. During this shoot, I was able to be and embrace myself,; I felt completely comfortable. And isn’t it interesting how that can come across in a photo? It reminds me that energy transcends everything.

I have been feeling so comfortable in my own skin lately. They say that is something that comes with age, and now at 28 years old I can say I believe it is true. Even when my skin was fresher, or I was smaller, or my eyes were brighter – I never appreciated all that I was. But now I look at myself with the audacity to say “I’m cute” ( I am though).

I wish I could go back and shake the younger me – I wish I could just say STOP! You are beautiful! Stop criticizing yourself! But I guess that it’s all a part of growing up.

So I will do my usual fitness update but first I want to say: even if my cutting season didn’t go very well, I would still rock a swimsuit with pride. My eyes are nice and my butt is round and my stomach is cute… so take that, society!

I’ve been cutting for the last couple months, but only last week since Brittany left have I actually kicked it into high gear. You know how it is #fitfam – less carbs , more cardio. I’ve been doing at least 30 minutes of cardio with each workout – sweater on and sweating up a storm.

I’m trying to keep my carbs under 100g daily for my cut, with refeeds when I really feel I need them. And before you begin to believe that this means I am restricting myself, please remember that I eat in abundance. Ask anyone who has the pleasure of eating near me about the size of my meals. It’s ridiculous…ly awesome. At the same time, in this lifestyle, sacrifices must be made – I know this game. And I love to play it.

Although this is an important part of my lifestyle, I want you guys to know that I do this for me. I’m happy with who I am. No number on a scale can ever change that. And restricting carbs will never make you happy. Being skinny will never make you happy. So I urge you to be at a good place before you put any additional stress on your body. And as always: love yourself first (the rest will follow anyway).



If you are wondering what has been on the menu lately, a day in the life of me eating looks something like this…

  • Meal 1 – Breakfast shake (fruit, veg, Iron Vegan protein powder)
  • Meal 2 – A banana and a handful of almonds
  • Meal 3 – A large salad with greens, vegetables, and nuts
  • Meal 4 – A bit of protein and greens (usually tofu or chicken)
  • Meal 5 – Raw fruits or veg with almond butter or a piece of choc, etc…

Does anyone else get mad sweet cravings before bed? I’ve been making my own chocolate with melted coconut oil, raw cacao, nuts and stevia. Then I just pop it in the freezer for a couple minutes – voila!

Oh one more thing – only 3ish months of school left! I can’t wait to begin taking on clients. I’ve learned so much and my passion for health is a fire burning hotter than ever before. We can all be healthy. We can all be happy. And we all deserve it.


Stay tuned for my next post – it’s coming up tomorrow and it’s going to be a good one!

I hope everyone’s April is off to a great start, and onto an even better end!

Catch ya later


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November Fitness Update 

The older I get, the less I feel like I give a shit what anybody thinks about me. And it doesn’t come from a place of bitterness, it’s just that I know in order to be happy I can’t worry too much about constantly making others happy.

Because that takes a lot of energy.

And it’s impossible.

I make decisions based on my values and what is going to be best for me. And anybody who doesn’t like it, is long gone by now.

It occurred to me that I am finally at a place in life where I don’t have people in my life who aren’t good for me. A weight has been lifted. It’s a burden I wish no one would carry.

I can’t stress this enough: put yourself first (in most cases, of course there are always exceptions). You can’t help others fill their tank if yours is empty!

So: November Fitness Update! Here we go!

We went to the gym with couple friends of ours last week and I got a chance to work out with my friend Kori for the first time. Kori being somewhat more of a newbie than me, I hoped to impress her with more than just my great sense of humour.

Guys, she kicked ass. This woman was born to lift. She is so amazingly beautiful and powerful, and I couldn’t believe my eyes the weight she could lift! She is my inspiration this month.

That being said I am focusing on strength this season and am becoming less and less preoccupied with aesthetics. I’ll revisit the aesthetic part come February.

Typical “fit girl” talk I know, but the building phase is so necessary and there for a reason. It’s improvement season! It’s a chance for me to build some serious muscle – which is exactly what I look forward to revealing in the spring!

If you are curious about what I have been up to lately, this will give you a pretty good idea what that is. Matthew took me to this really cool little path out in the country with the dogs the other day – I have been outside a lot in an effort to get all the sunshine I can before snow is on the ground!

Which just so happens is today… I’m soooo not ready! (emotionally)

PS aren’t my doggies adorable?

And of course, here’s what I’ve been eating lately:

Homemade “mostly nuts” granola with banana and almond milk. This granola is actually flavored “ginger snap” according to the recipe – which makes sense as it’s made with molasses as a sweetener and tastes a lot like a ginger snap cookie!

This was actually breakfast today – oats with blackberries, hemp seeds, and cashew milk. Okay okay, that’s a scoop of coconut sugar. I try not to add sugar to too many things, but when I do I use coconut sugar because it doesn’t spike your blood sugar as much as regular sugar does.

Noodles and giant chunks of red pepper in a quick thai peanut sauce. I made this for lunch for my sister and I and she loved it. It just goes to show that you don’t need to make elaborate meals to impress anyone – sometimes simple and easy is best!

Okay, the truth is, I’ve been on a bit of a noodle-eating binge lately. Being in nutrition school has encouraged me to go way out of my comfort zone. I am trying to eat carbs “responsibly” – in a way that won’t aggravate my gut or anxiety. And I’m making amazing strides with it that I will share with you all soon!

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Thanks for reading, stay strong out there babes!

This blog is officially 365 days old!

One year ago, I started this blog.

I have enjoyed so much sharing all the things that I have on this blog. But to be honest, there were other times where I realized what a commitment this blog was really going to be. Times I doubted myself, my posts. Moments in which I realized what this blog really means to me. This blog is only just now growing into what it will be.

In honor of my blog birthday, I want to announce something that really encompasses not only my commitment to this blog, but to health and wellness in general – my commitment to helping us all be our best selves, if only in some small way.

One year from now I am going to be well on my way to becoming a R.H.N. Holistic Nutritionist.

I’m so excited to share that I’m going back to school in September for Holistic Nutrition. I want to use this, as well as my B.A. in Psychology, to help people eat their way to health and happiness.

The venture of starting my own business with wellness coaching has been amazing, and I have learned a lot. But what I have learned the most has been truly humbling, and it’s this: I’m not done learning. I want to offer my clients phenomenal care and life change – but I can’t do that until my knowledge base is, well, more phenomenal.

The school that I will be attending offers a very “mind body and soul” approach to nutrition, which aligns perfectly with my passion and my values. The program is very intensive, and I know it will be a hard year, but it’s just a hard year of doing more of what I love.
So if you notice I’ve been sharing a few more recipes on the blog, you should know that is the direction that this blog is going – towards food – but not away from anything else. Wellness is, in it’s nature, holistic – you can’t just look at nutrition, or spirituality, or physical and mental health… it’s all of it.

September first life’s next great adventure begins!

Wish me luck 🙂

I can’t carry all these rocks.

Imagine that all of your priorities are like rocks. You have big rocks, like work, parenting, being a good partner, and good pet owner. And then you have little rocks, maybe tasks such as cleaning the kitchen, grocery shopping, dropping off the dry cleaning, you know – things on the ‘to-do’ list.

And then there is a special rock. It’s small, but it’s heavy. It’s a pebble you chose from an entire beach of pebbles. There are so many that you could have picked, but you picked this special pebble, and no one else can have it because it’s all yours. It’s your purpose. It’s your reason for being. It’s your reminder of why you get out of bed every day. You’re purpose pebble.

Now, imagine all the rocks that you carry every day. The more responsibility you have, the heavier it gets. Sometimes we have to put rocks down because we simply cannot carry all the ones that we are burdened with. You might put down laundry and say “I just can’t do this today”. You might put down being a good friend and reschedule your coffee date for next week when things calm down. That’s what prioritizing is I guess, it’s deciding which rocks to carry.

What happens if you don’t put any rocks down? They just keep piling up. You try to do it all, and not even just that, but you try to look happy doing it. Your ego is in the way, you don’t want to let anyone know that you can’t handle all the rocks you’ve picked up. How embarrassing, you think, so you continue to juggle them. But then…

the pebble slips through.

You’re so busy with all of your other rocks, you didn’t even notice you dropped your purpose pebble. You’re not even sure when or where you dropped it. frantically, you search for it. You might have to retrace your steps to find it, but even if you find it you have so many rocks to carry right now, you might not even be able to pick it up.

If you pick it up, you risk dropping everything else. You risk dropping being a good daughter. Maybe you risk providing for your family. Maybe you will drop all of the rocks that require social obligations for the next month. You might lose everything trying to find your purpose again.

It’s up to you. You can continue carrying all the other rocks, and piling them up just as fast as you can get rid of them. You can even look good doing it. You can convince everyone else and yourself that this is fulfilling for you.

All the while knowing you lost the pebble with the most meaning, the most substance.

The choice is yours, it’s up to you.