OLBA! + 10 Facts About Me! 

Hey everyone,

Look! Another award!


This time I was nominated by the totally beautiful and fabulous FitBabe’95 for the One Lovely Blog Award. Check out this beautiful, healthy total babe’s blog if you have a sec!

So here are the rules… after being nominated, thank your nominator (Thanks FitBabe!!) Then the nominee must share 7-15 facts about themselves. Of course you can also nominate other bloggers you admire as well when receiving this award!

Yay! Here we go!


I’m happy to share with you guys a few facts about me, and I hope it brings us a little bit closer!

1. I’ve been to THREE post-secondary institutions, and I’m on to continue my studies this Fall at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. What can I say, it takes time to figure out your passion. I wouldn’t take it back for anything; it’s all been one incredible experience and I am a forever learner.

2. I have two dogs and let me tell you, these girls are my whole world. Bella is the mommy’s girl. She loves spooning in bed, would do anything for a carrot, and is so expressive! Athena is a little firecracker of a daddy’s girl – she is the energy in the house and she keeps us all on her toes. She is indiscriminate when it comes to food and always has to lay with her head elevated on something (or someone!).

My Girls!
Bella Smiling!
Athena expending some energy!

3. Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE ❤️ COFFEE! Good quality coffee is something I just can’t compromise on. It’s even better when enjoyed in a lovely cafe with some good ambiance and/or company!

4. Anxiety basically ruled the first 25 years of my life. It basically told me what to do and how to live my life every day. I never realized how bad it was until I started working on it; I thought feeling that way every day was almost “normal” because I didn’t know life any other way. But those days are long gone, and I don’t let it hold me back anymore! *this has taken lots of work! 

5. I am obsessed with True Crime shows and novels! It is a strange and sometimes ridiculous fascination for someone with anxiety but I have just always been drawn to it!

6. My favorite Disney movie is and always will be Beauty and the Beast! I love the classics.

7. My boyfriend Matthew and I have been together for over one year now! It has been the best year of my life, filled with excitement and adventure. We live together with our two doggies.

Us on vacation last summer
A more recent pic of us #swolemates haha!

8. I clean when I’m stressed, it’s a strange sort of outlet for me

9. I have two sisters; a twin sister and another who is a year older. I also have two half brothers and a half sister.

My older sister Steph is expecting her first baby! She is literally the most beautiful pregnant woman I have EVER SEEN!
My twin sister Lauren, the only person on this planet who actually thinks I’m funny 

10. My biggest fears: bugs. I have had one too many… what should I call them… incidences? To make a long story short it goes something like this: Cockroaches under the hotel bed, a fly laying its maggot babies on my back, and spiders crawling up my body. I JUST CAN’T DO BUGS.


Thanks for stopping in to read this post! 

I have decided not to nominate anyone, but hey, while you’re here – leave a comment and tell me something about yourself!



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