How to Get Over Those Gym Newbie Jitters

Anybody who has ever started out at the gym was once a newbie and knows what being new to the gym is all about. It can be nerve wracking at first – feeling like your every move is being watched and judged in a place where you know the chances of failing are great.

I started out just like that – I used to hang around in the cardio area until the free weights looked empty enough for me to sneak in unnoticed…


Me at the gym this morning, doing my thing

Now, I walk in with a plan and an agenda, and I do what I do without ever even considering what another person might be thinking about me. Of course this took time. I persisted until I made it, and you will too.

Why? Because moving past this phase is important for your physical and mental strength; it’s just another obstacle to overcome. Here are my tips for getting over those gym newbie jitters.

  1. Know that we all started somewhere. The biggest men and women in the gym all started where you are now, which is as a beginner. We’ve all been there. It is highly doubtful that having been there these people will be judging you harshly. If they are, they are probably big jerks anyways and you shouldn’t care what they think.
  2. Accept that you are learning, and welcome constructive criticism. On many occasions I had people come up to me in the gym and tell me how I might be able to do things better. Their advice helped me, and therefore made me stronger. Don’t be afraid of accepting knowledge from people who know more than you!
  3. You might think that everyone is looking at you, but they’re not. I know it feels like the spotlight is on you, but most gym goers are paying attention to their own workouts. They are minding their own business, as they should be! That’s what they’ve shown up for. If someone is watching you too closely, well I guess they just think you’re cute?
  4. Believe in yourself. A big part of your fitness journey is about building confidence. And how do you build confidence? By getting out of your comfort zone! Do it, even though it’s scary. I promise that it gets a little better each time, and you will get a little better each time.

Thanks for reading! I hope it was some help to you wonderful newbies out there. You’re doing amazing, keep going!

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