Strong to the Finish Transformation Challenge 

As much as I enjoy sharing my thoughts and nutritional information on my blog, I have to say, sharing my personal journey has been a blessing to contribute since I began writing here last summer. Which makes this post all the more special, as I have an exciting announcement to make.
But first, I must admit, I have neglected the calorie deficit I promised to start a few weeks back. It is because I knew that this was coming. And while I’m admitting stuff, I have to say I have been desperate to have a fire lit under me for some time. And as the universe works, if you concentrate on something long and hard enough, it will find its way to you.
And here it is:

I am competing in the Muscletech “Strong to the Finish” 8-week transformation challenge. Now because I work for Popeyes Calgary I will be entering my name into a special category of the competition specifically for employees.

I am truly not competitive by nature, but I do continually strive to be the very best version of myself possible. I have reached many goals in the past two years of my fitness journey, but putting an 8-week time constraint on it is definitely going to heat things up!

Every day is do or die.
Before learning of this competition I often wondered where my fitness journey would take me next. As I’ve written about before, motivation comes and goes like the tide, and often we have to create our own. I guess you could say that this motivation found me, I am grateful.

What I really want out of this is to basically be thrown into the pressure-cooker. I know that the difficult challenges are the ones that make us grow. I hope to find a strength within myself that I’ve never known before. I hope I can bring a passion and enthusiasm to this competition that makes me excited to get out of bed every morning. I’m doing this for me. My mind, my heart, my goal, my soul.

Of course, there are some great cash prizes as well. I have applied to go back to school in the fall, so if I do happen to win any money I will be putting it straight towards my tuition, as the school I am trying to get into cannot except any government loans.
The beauty of this competition is that it’s a win-win. Even without placing, the worst case scenario is that I met a challenge and I saw it through, thereby resulting in me being in the best shape I’ve ever been. That’s a prize in and of itself!

More than that, I want to prove that with some serious hardwork and determination, anything is possible. And I truly believe that. You want that job? Go get it. You want to improve your skills? Figure it out. You want to save for that car, house, trip? You got this. You want to blow this 8-week transformation out of the water? Give it everything you got.

Hardwork beats everything. It beats talent. It beats excuses. And it damn sure beats just sitting around dreaming about it!

Of course, it’s so easy to talk about this right now with a casual optimism because I am not yet down to eating plain egg whites for breakfast and using mustard on everything. So I’ve decided to do weekly updates here just to check in and let you guys know how my progress is going.
I really look forward to having you all with me on this challenge!

Enjoy your beautiful existence today!

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