Strong to the Finish Challenge – Week 4

We finally hit the halfway point of the Strong to the Finish challenge!

After some slight apprehension, I started counting calories at the end of last week so I could better track my diet. Firstly I have to say, I have mad respect for people who continually count calories or macros as part of their lifestyle. It definitely takes a certain level of dedication, and I feel like I have really tuned up the approach to my diet using this tool. The first day I counted I realized that I had been taking in way more calories previously than I even guessed. I was eating clean I was just… Eating too much haha.

If I wanted to meet my goals, I needed to make a change. So I’ve been keeping to a certain amount of calories each day, and glad to say I am reaping the benefits after losing another couple of lbs last week. I am currently weighing in at 130, my goal now is to finish the challenge at 125.

That being said, in my own mind I am actually happy with my weight right now. I feel healthy and balanced, and if I didn’t lose another pound I would certainly be a bit confused but I wouldn’t be upset about it.

A pic where I’m not smiling?! Must have been an off moment!


3 weeks between pictures

I wish I was a little better at taking these comparison pics, but I can never seem to get the lighting the same! Something to work on. But I digress. Even through my stomach is the ‘last to lose’ on my body I can still see a great noticeable difference! You cant see too much from the shorts, but my legs are leaning out a lot too – probably the biggest difference I have noticed.

Regretfully I don’t have much in the way of food photos to share today! I had special training going on this week and was kind of off my kitchen game. But I do want to share with you guys this recipe I found and used last night for peanut sauce- seriously the best peanut sauce I’ve ever made! Check it out here on She Simmers. I also added a bit of miso paste, but if it’s not something you keep handy the sauce doesn’t really need it.

Time to start upping cardio even more. I don’t hate cardio, but I find it really difficult to do the same exercise for any more than 7 or 8 minutes so I’m guessing that will be a challenge for me!

Ahhh, I’m getting excited for what the next few weeks will bring!

2 responses to “Strong to the Finish Challenge – Week 4”

  1. Okay, that’s it…I’m done whining and crying. IT’s time to change my situation, because it’s not changing on its own!
    You are so buff, and I admire you! I’m long overdue to take care of myself!


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