Why I love working out with a PARTNER! 

Hey everyone!

It’s been a minute since I wrote a fitness inspired post. Well, today is that day!

Now, some days I really do just wanna get in the gym, fuck shit up, and leave.

But there are definitely days I enjoy having a partner to work out with… and here’s why:

Accountability. When I’m working out with a partner, I know they are watching me and how hard I work. Think I’m gonna half ass it? No way Jose! I’m being subconsciously evaluated! I’m not on my phone, and I’m not sneaking out early for a donut. I wanna show my partner what I can do. I find that working out with someone else brings out the best in me, especially when it’s with someone who shares the passion for fitness that I have.

Having a spotter. It’s so awesome to see yourself move up on the weights… but sometimes it can be risky to push yourself too far without a spotter! I love having a spotter for my bench press.

Trying something new. A great part of working out with a partner is discovering how they do things differently than you. They might have tips and tricks you’ve never even heard of before. Or maybe working out with a partner will give you the courage to try something new together!

Pure entertainment. I work hard in the gym, but I also like to have fun. It’s fun sometimes to have someone to talk to between sets, to observe other gym-goers with you, to just plain be a part of the experience you are having. To share in you overcoming your challenges! And maybe even to squeeze in a few laughs.

… and take a few pictures of course too 🙂

The photo above is me with my workout partner, my boyfriend Matthew. Matthew is a great motivator for me in the gym! His workouts are intense and very goal oriented – so when we work out together it’s never a bad workout – we go all out! He has also been in the fitness world 6 years longer than me, so the knowledge I have gained just by having him as a teacher has been amazing.


If you ever work out with a partner, here is a link for exercises that you actually participate in with your partner (it takes twooooo baby).


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2 responses to “Why I love working out with a PARTNER! ”

  1. You took the words right out of my mouth! I love my workout partners for all the reasons you listed. Thanks for the partner exercises. I can’t wait to try them with one of my buddies tomorrow night!


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