Strong to the Finish Challenge – Week 9

This post is going to take me forever to write – I am officially brain dead after the crazy leg workout I just had! Does that ever happen to any of you? You work out so hard you exhaust all of your brain capacity? Quite a funny thing really!

Perhaps I’m just exhausted in general. I’ve been sick on and off for the last 5 days, it’s so strange. One day I’m really sick, the next slightly recovered. Then the day after that I have a massive fever. I just can’t seem to shake this, whatever it is!

Thankfully, I only missed my Monday workout as a result of this. Body is boss. You can never get better if you don’t give your body a chance. It was a much needed day of rest.

So needless to say, physically on my body this week was extra tough. But I’m tougher! I worked through it, even on days where I didn’t know how well I would do, I still brought my best in the gym.

The scale has been a tough thing to move. I would like to drop a little more fluff, so I’m left with no choice but to UP the cardio and see what that does. I don’t usually like to watch the scale too closely but when you’re doing a time-restricted challenge such as this it definitely helps you keep in mind where you are at, and to think about where you wanna be. I would like to hit 120 by the end of this challenge, but this is only my ideal weight because my goal is to show off all of this great muscle I have spent months building underneath!

Every day counts, it truly does. Every workout, every meal, every good nights rest, it all adds up.

I also need to work on my tan

I feel it’s important to acknowledge that I am good enough right now. Just as I am. And this is all about pushing the limits just to see what I am capable of.

My only food pic to contribute this update is last nights dinner – Tikka Masala with Cauliflower steaks – it was magnificent.

Until next time wonderful readers!

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