I’m back from PEI – things are about to get hectic!

Being home today is bittersweet.

I had a great week off, but now I am forced to acknowledge that I will not have another week so carefree for a long time from now.

I embark on a new adventure next week as I move into a new home and start my course in nutrition – at the same time. I can only come to the conclusion that I love torturing myself, because I always seem to be buried up to my neck in responsibilities. So there you have it, I’m a bit of a freak. I’m not content unless I’m absolutely drowning in a to-do list and every muscle in my body is sore.

This is why vacations are especially good for me; because all of the rules and expectations I have for myself fly out the window. And I don’t need any reason other than “I’m on vacation!”. It’s great.

So here are some things I did on vacation that were actually kind of well, out of the ordinary:

  • Slept in
  • Stayed up late
  • Ate lots of French fries (with gravy)
  • Put myself out there and made some friends (I know right?)
  • Skipped a couple workouts
  • Let myself get bloated and not obsessed about it
  • Took a break from social media

If this list makes it sounds like I am 90 it’s because I am, at heart. And this list isn’t made to impress anyone, I wrote it to validate my happiness at the simple pleasures I only get to enjoy while I’m “away”.

This trip in particular was memorable for other reasons too.

After all, I did go to watch two of my best friends in the world get married and stuff.

The wedding was so perfect. I’ve never seen two families come together like this, but I’m not surprised they did because the Bride and Groom are just two of the most phenomenal people on this planet.

I guess what I’m trying to say is this: it was great to get outside of my little box for this wedding/vacation and feel a sense of freedom I’m not usually so gifted with. But now I’m back in my box. Luckily my box is beautiful, and fun, and although sometimes rigid it also has puppies so that makes up for everything.

French Fry Diet Life 👌🏻
Next up in life?

Heavier lifts

Hardcore learning

and a new home!

Thanks for sticking with me readers!

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