Plant Powered Pizzas – “Mini Watermelon”

Hey all you beautiful strong babes – how are you guys feeling this Friday?

I have been feeling extra tired these past couple days – my body’s signals that I need a break! It has taken me years to listen to and appreciate those signals, but I have and I am.

The last thing I need is to run myself into the ground. I would rather take a step back for one day to breathe and regain my focus than work myself so hard that I’m down and out for a week. I used to be the worst for it! But you live, and you learn, and above all else you take care of yourself.

So this week’s pizza called for something extra low-key. Something no-bake. Something vibrant and energizing.

Brace yourselves because here comes the most beautiful pizza EVER. 



There is no recipe on this baby required, assemble as you please! But I will break down the toppings…

Watermelon Pizza topped with Daiya Yogurt (dairy free), strawberries, blueberries, passion fruit, hemp seeds, and lime.

Important little side tip I really want you guys to note is that bit of peanut butter on the side there! As much as I love love love my fruit and would be happy to eat it as is, it’s really important to pair your fruits with fat. Adding fat to a high sugar meal like fruit helps to stabilize your blood sugar.

You could substitute the peanut butter with tahini, or nuts, coconut oil, or avocado if you please.

In staying true to myself this week, I’m keeping this recipe and this post super easy. 

Watermelon is super hydrating, berries are full of antioxidants, lime provides the always needed vitamin C, and passion fruit packs the fiber.

Now if I may, I’ll just leave you with a few more mouthwatering pics –

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thanks for dropping by – take care of yourselves this week!

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