Plant Powered Pizzas – “Not-so-classic Margherita” 

Hello you all! Yes, I know this post is late – as it has normally been Plant Powered Pizza Friday – but this week, it just wasn’t working for me.

If you follow me on Instagram, you already know why: Friday’s pizza was… mediocre at best. Heck, I’m being too easy on it: it was awful.

It looked great, but taste-wise, there was nothing redeemable about it. The crust was bland and gummy, the sauce texture was completely off, and the toppings just didn’t work. It was a fail.

But you know what? Fails happen. That’s life. And I didn’t want to bring you all anything less than my best, because that’s what I’m all about here on Standing Strong Wellness!

I think it’s really important that you guys know that not everything I make works out. There are a lot of trial runs, and tons of misses. I like to think of it as all part of the fun.  Making new dishes is a creative process, and sometimes the end result is no good.

After that, I just needed to take a step back. Why hadn’t it worked out? Maybe, just maybe, I was trying too hard. I needed to make the pizza I was meant to – the one I could actually see myself devouring on a Friday night watching movies.

I have always loved a good Margherita pizza. They are so simple and classic. But one thing about me – I can’t eat classic. I can’t do cheese, or gluten …. the staples of pizza for some!

So I bring to you my version: the Not-so-classic Margherita. Think of it as my twist on an old favourite.

This pizza is dairy free, gluten free, and vegan.


  • Pizza crust of your choosing (Care Bakery wins this one again)
  • One small container pizza sauce
  • Daiya Provolone or cheese/”cheese” of your choosing
  • 2 beautiful, ripe tomatoes, sliced
  • 1/2 cup balsamic vinegar
  • 6-8 fresh basil leaves
  • 2 garlic cloves, minced

Directions : Get pizza crust ready – whether that means thawing or precooking it, or simply putting it on your pizza pan. Spread pizza sauce and minced garlic evenly across crust. Take sliced tomatoes and put them in a bowl with the 1/2 cup of balsamic. Allow the tomatoes about five minutes to soak up some of the vinegar. Then layer them on the pizza with basil leaves and Daiya Provolone, or cheese/”cheese” of your choosing.

It has been fun going through the nutrients of each pizza with you guys, but I would like to do something different for this final post: I’m going to leave you guys with some key takeaways when it comes to creating your own pizza masterpiece

  1. Avoid sensitivities and intolerances. I know this seems so simple – but I also know a lot of people will eat still a wheat crust or a cheese that doesn’t agree with them even though they know there will be consequences! I hope if this series has shown you anything, it’s that your options are limitless. You can add cheese, or not. Or add nut cheese. Or another plant based cheese. You can get a crust that suits your needs. Nothing has to go on it you don’t want or need! You are worth a good, quality, feel-good pizza.
  2. Bring on the veggies! If you enjoy it, try it on a pizza. In this series you’ve seen me put sweet potato, asparagus…. even radishes on pizza! If you enjoy it outside a pizza, you might just like it on one. So load up!
  3. Get creative. Making food shouldn’t always feel like work – sometimes it should be just plain fun. Making pizza brings me back to “make your own pizza” night from my childhood version – and you can still do the same, but you know, suited to your more mature tastes (or not – see recipe for PB&J pizza here ) . The possibilities are seriously endless.
  4. Watch out for sugar! And I’m not talking about the pineapple on your pizza (I’m team pineapple by the way). It will hide in your crust, in your toppings – and very often it will hide in your sauce! So keep an eye out for this. You don’t need it – you’re sweet enough.


A few of the highlights 

I hope you guys have enjoyed this series. It’s been an amazing experience and I really do feel like I’ve learned so much. I hope in any small way I have inspired you to get out of your comfort zone (even just a teeny, tiny bit)!

Moving forward, I have big dragons to slay. A book in the works. A school to graduate from. And plenty more awesome posts to bring you on this blog.

Stay tuned!






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