March Update

Hey Strong Babes!

My oh my it seems like just yesterday I wrote the last update. But that wouldn’t be accurate now would it? They say time flies when you’re having fun – it must have been a fun past couple of weeks for me!

…..or something!

Actually, it has been a great past couple weeks. It has been on my mind more and more that soon I will be certified in holistic nutrition and ready to change lives with food. Even my partner points out the subtle ways in which our eating habits have changed. I’ve learned so much and I’m ready to move forward but – there are still a few more months left to go!



I’m also making subtle changes elsewhere – namely my wardrobe – in light of something that happened earlier this week! I went to a jumping class with my mom; it’s a fitness class where you jump on a personal-sized trampoline during the workout… way harder than it sounds, trust me. Anyways, the instructor told me I couldn’t witness my mom signing her waiver because I was under 18… I looked at her astounded. My mom could not stop laughing! “I’m 28!” I told her. She definitely looked surprised.

I get it – in my sweat pants and messy bun I don’t look my age. The problem is, I’m always in sweat pants and a messy bun!

I never shop, like… ever. But I went to the mall and got a couple of things that made me look a little more age appropriate. Don’t get me wrong I am so lucky I get to wear sweaters and sweat pants every day! But those days won’t last, and I want to be ready!



I wanted to include another photo as a part of my fitness update, but I couldn’t find a good one for you guys – so if you want to check in on my physique in the coming weeks you will just have to follow me on Instagram! (I’m so sneaky!)

Here’s what’s up: I’ve been cutting for the past couple of weeks. It’s just the beginning of a long stretch of cutting, so I’m not doing anything too drastic. Comicon is coming up here in Calgary at the end of April, so Matthew and I are preparing ourselves mentally and physically! I am so excited for Comicon and it’s a great goal for me to look forward to when cardio gets tough!

My lifts have been awesome. I’m feeling strong and motivated. It’s kind of cool but the more progress you see, the more motivated you continue to be! I may have actually grown tiny quads this winter, which is exciting for me! If you ever read my previous updates I have gone on and on about growing my legs, ha!

The question is: how ripped will I get this summer? The answer is: only as much as I can maintain my health. I know many people think that it’s impossible, but I think slow and steady can win the race! And I wouldn’t sacrifice my health for any number on the scale. I’m eating carbs strategically and doing extra cardio – that’s it!


Before I go: Psst – guess what’s in my cup there? Tea, that I poured my own cashew creamer into! I did up a video on how to make it, it’ll be up on Youtube and WordPress tomorrow!

Thanks for stopping by, you guys are the best!

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3 responses to “March Update”

  1. Hahaha! I feel your pain, when we were on vacation last year one of the photographers asked if we wanted a family photo on the beach and I said sure and then he asked where our parents were (referring to me and my kids) and I said uh…. I am their parent… and he didn’t believe me at first…
    But I also have been starting to review my wardrobe and have decided that if it’s something I would have worn in high school it needs to go. Time to start looking & dressing like a grown up!


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