Canada Food Guide is Under Review: Positive Changes Coming?

Many have been calling for a change to the Canada Food Guide, as the scientific evidence released over the years has changed what we know about food. You can get adequate protein from plants when combined properly, dairy isn’t a necessity, and vegetables are, to put it plainly, awesome. As our society shifts towards a more plant-based focus on food, the guide – in my own opinion – definitely needed an update.

Here’s what the guide looks like:



There are a couple of amendments that could be made:

A greater emphasis on (or de-emphasis of) certain foods was recommended by participating professionals as a way to improve the usefulness of the food groupings. For example, some contributors suggested this could include:

  • a greater emphasis on vegetables, rather than fruits; or

  • a de-emphasis of meat or milk


Plainly put, there will be less of an emphasis on milk (dairy may be removed as a whole categorically), and more emphasis will be put on vegetables.

I’m all for it. And I know many of you are thinking “what about my calcium?”. I’ve got great news for you – there are tons of plant-based forms that actually provide more absorbable calcium than cows milk – like many of the leafy greens!

Plant are powerful, so I’m on board with any changes that put them into the spotlight more.

I heard whispers that the meat and alternatives section may be changed simply to “proteins”, but unfortunately I couldn’t find the source of that information.

In Holistic Nutrition, educators don’t typically refer to the Canada Food Guide as a resource as people are seen more-so on their own unique individual basis. However as this is a resource used often in schools, government programs, and simply by individuals interested in bettering their health, I am invested in it’s improvement.

I’m optimistic about the changes, but the process is still going under review – nothing has been finalized. However, I look forward to seeing the changes once complete.

What do you guys think of these tweaks to the Canada Food Guide?

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