Make it Happen Monday 

You guys know I love me a good Monday! 

Today, I was thinking about how we get what we want. I realized, it’s really less about the world bending in such a way that benefits us, and more about us becoming the person we need to be to get what we want. 

It’s not the world that changes. 

It’s you.
Here’s to you becoming the person you need to be. 

Have a great week everyone! 

5 thoughts on “Make it Happen Monday 

  1. That video gave me chills- SO GOOD. Thanks for sharing- I’m in such a confusing time of life right now, and I needed a little bit of motivation this week. Always thankful for you MMs! <3

    1. Your comment means so much to me! When I was posting that one this week, I had a moment of self-doubt, wondering if these were really meaningful or worth posting. Thanks for reading as always, keep your chin up beautiful!

      1. Oh my goodness- don’t doubt what you are doing for even one second! Your posts, thoughts, advice, own journey– all of it inspires me. I look up to you tons! ❤️

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