How to Feel More AWAKE (without caffeine)

One thing I promise never to do in my posts is copy and paste lists found on the internet. What a snooze that would be- for you and for me!

That’s why today’s post is about actual techniques I use to feel more awake – sans caffeine. And trust me, I need ’em.

I am one of those people who can hardly get myself on the go in the morning without a cup of coffee (or 3). I don’t hold it against myself. It’s a vice I acknowledge, and for the most part, accept.

But staying hydrated is also vital to my health and my goals. I can’t be chugging coffee all day long! Eventually I hit that “between 2 and 4 pm” lull of energy.

Here’s what I do about it: 

Dab essential oils under my nose. I like tea tree and peppermint the best because they have an energizing but at the same time relaxing effect on me. It brings about a peaceful sort of happy in me. Sometimes I will put a couple dabs on my temples as well.

Eat light. I started noticing years ago that the heavier or more carb-concentrated my lunches were, the more tired I felt going back to work. Think about it: your body is putting so much work into just digesting your food – no wonder you feel energy depleted! I no longer put myself into food comas on my lunch break. And that doesn’t always mean a salad (I do love a good salad though). Fish and greens is a favorite, like salmon and asparagus or trout and spinach!

Using a roller ball. Sometimes I suspect that a part of my sluggishness is actually a result of the toxins, bound up in my tight muscles, taking their toll. Using a roller ball to loosen the muscle releases the toxins, and then I drink some water to flush them out! Really works like a charm for me.

Make plans, exciting plans. Plans for the evening, plans for the week ended, plans for the next vacation. Once the creative part of my brain is being used, I feel more lively. Plus you just might make some plans you are excited about, which in turn usually helps me feel more alert!

Get some fresh air. The outdoors are healing place. Step outside of where you are, both mentally and physically. Allow the warm embrace of the sun to rejuvenate you, if the weather permits it. This is an obvious but truly often underutilized.

Let’s be honest: caffeine will always have it’s time and place in my routine, but I’m glad to have alternatives when I need them.

What refreshes you guys midday?


One response to “How to Feel More AWAKE (without caffeine)”

  1. My wife and I frequently get out for fresh air when we’re feeling sluggish. When the weather doesn’t permit it (living in upstate NY, snow gets in the way most months) we just do some quick exercise to get the blood pumping. Push ups, jumping jacks, anything quick and easy. It’s a quick stimulant that helps! Check out our blog about health and fitness, too. We share more there about what we do on the day to day.

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