How to just ‘be happy’ for them! 

Imagine this: 

Your friend comes up to you and tells you about their incredible promotion. 

Your friend is not only smart, but also incredibly good looking. 

Your friend wants for nothing and takes a vacation about four times a year. 

Your friend has so many other friends, they seem to be liked by everyone they meet. 

Are you happy for them? 

I think we’ve all encountered people in our lives who we feel “have it all”. We often react with jealousy, and we tell ourselves how unfair life must be to give this friend everything, while we continue to struggle. 

We often have trouble being happy for that friend. On the surface we might congratulate and smile, but in our hearts we never truly celebrate for them. 

This goes so much deeper than jealousy. We are not upset because they have it all, we react with negativity because we don’t have it all. 

When we see other people out in the world being successful, it reminds us of what we lack. The success of others causes us to reflect, and sometimes in that reflection we just don’t like what we see. 

We feel inadequate. We are insecure. 

Insecurity is at the root of it all. If you are sure of yourself, your life, and your choices, then you can easily be happy for others. Because when you take responsibility for your life, you acknowledge that success and happiness is for everyone, but gaining it is up to you. It’s your journey.

Your friend probably worked hard for that promotion. Your friend probably puts a lot of time and effort into their appearance. Your friend might just balance their budget well enough to afford the trips that they want. Your friend might have so many other friends because he or she has a positive attitude is able to celebrate in the successes of others. 

No more negativity. We’ve got to lift each other up! We’ve got to encourage each other to be better.

I encourage you to celebrate in another’s accomplishments today!

2 responses to “How to just ‘be happy’ for them! ”

  1. Of all my personality flaws, jealousy is typically not one of them. I tend to enjoy seeing people achieve in life, because it represents capability and I always want to believe I am capable.

    Great post!

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