A Weekend Away (HORRAY!) 

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven’t posted much this week, I just got back today from a long weekend in the Okanagan! It was a much needed weekend away.

I’m not here to give a play by play or anything like that, but I thought I might make a quick post to update and share some pictures!

We had been planning this weekend away for some time, and by “planning” I mean “we knew we were going” , but it was Matthew’s idea to not really plan anything at all! Initially that idea really freaked me out, but I’m so glad that we went with it. We hit the road with no hotel or excursions planned and just… Left.

There’s us on the beach in Kewlona! The weather wasn’t the best the first day but we didn’t care. It was fun adventuring around, rain or shine!

Another big thing that happened this weekend: my first treat meal in WEEKS! It was so amazing guys! There were about 6 different kinds of BBQ meats, fries, and CORNBREAD which I totally went crazy over!

We were up early that day from 5 am, so after some adventures we relaxed in the hot tub at the hotel!

The next day the weather was a lot nicer and we got to enjoy the sun in our bathing suits!

We found a restaurant in Penticton that serves “fast, healty, and affordable” food… It was SO GOOD. Teriyaki chicken with a side slaw. It fit my current eating habits and was everything my body needed!

The hot tub & pool in our second hotel blew the first one AWAY!! Like seriously guys, this place was amazing. If you ever stop in Vernon BC, I highly recommend a stay at The Atrium Hotel!!

This break was so good for me in every way. I’m feeling relaxed and refreshed, and ready to continue pursuing my goals!

Thanks for reading! I will be posting my weekly update soon!

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