The One Thing That You Should Quit: Quitting

So many of us don’t meet our goals because of one reason: quitting.

The harsh reality is that it often takes much longer to meet our goals than we anticipate – so what do we do? We quit.


Because when we create the game plan for how we are going to make our dreams a reality, we neglect to take into account that there are going to be obstacles. There is going to be hardship. In all likelihood you will struggle and be forced to sacrifice.

We never plan for this. When we say “I’m going to do _________ ! ” we always picture the most ideal situation in terms of getting there.

But that’s not life is it?

I used to love the saying: “When you make a plan, god laughs”. When I first heard that, I thought wow, that’s a gloomy EXTREMELY REALISTIC way of looking at things. Life experience has taught me that it’s true: almost nothing ever goes according to plan.

Maybe every time we get thrown that curve ball, god is chuckling a little bit. He’s up there thinking ‘”you didn’t think it would be that easy, did you?!”

When we’re working towards our goals and we encounter difficulty, we quit. We say ‘it’s too hard’, or we use that obstacle as an excuse to throw in the towel and give up on our dreams. And we’ve all done it. We see hurt, we see pain, we see sacrifice, and we see struggle so we run in the opposite direction. I’m here today to tell you that you don’t have to run anymore.

Everything you want is just past those obstacles. Don’t be afraid of what you have to go through, let it grow you. Every single time you face those difficulties head on, you become a better, stronger version of yourself, even when you don’t overcome them. Even when your efforts lead to failure. It’s a learning experience, and you can show your resiliency and your perseverance. You have to keep trying because whatever that thing is you are trying to master, YOU ARE CAPABLE.

If you are encountering difficulties and road blocks on the way to accomplishing your goals, it simply means you are making progress. The further you go along, the more difficulties and tough situations you will encounter. You’re being tested; the Universe is like ‘how bad do you want this? show me’.

What I’m trying to say is that obstacles are inevitable. What are you going to do about them? What kind of person are you going to be? It’s up to you. If you can learn to embrace the pain of change you can accomplish any goal. I’m serious, it’s that simple. Don’t just say ‘I’m gonna make this happen!’, say ‘I’m gonna make this happen NO MATTER WHAT’.

You are inherently great, and that dream that you have, you deserve it. But you’ve gotta be willing to fight for it.

I believe in each and every single. one. of. you. That’s why I want you to QUIT QUITTING.

Have a great week everyone !

8 responses to “The One Thing That You Should Quit: Quitting”

  1. Absolutely spot on. Like me with me little bout of whatever it is that I have right now. I realise I’ve worked really hard and now, I have to rest a bit in order to recuperate. Not a negative as I’ll get other stuff done that I wouldn’t normally and I’ll come back even stronger. Great post.

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