Need a little push?

Ever just wake up on the wrong side of the bed?

Of course. It happens to all of us.

We all have different techniques to turn our day around. Today, I’m sharing one of mine.

When I first started my health journey, I was introduced to motivational videos on Youtube and I fell in love (okay, became obsessed… you caught me!)

We all need a pep talk sometimes… something that can speak to that voice inside of us, something extra to get us going! In my last semester of University I was getting up for school everyday at 5 am and it was rough. I would play these videos every morning, and they would help to get me pumped! I mean, I’m a morning person but not a “5 am” morning person!

But I digress. Fast forward a few months later and I stumble across the channel ‘Your World Within’ . This channel is amazing! Not only are the messages really beautiful and inspiring, but each video has a message that really resonates with me. Imagery is also quality but I typically just listen to the videos as I go about my business.

Anyways, if you need a little push today or any other day, this is my sneaky suggestion.

(I just had to share!) 


Have an incredible existence today!

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