January Check-in

Hello beautiful people.

It’s been an incredible first month of the year. And I’m not trying to be cheesey or cliche – I really mean it. I’ve made some great strides towards bettering myself and creating an even closer relationship with me and my body.

Something really big has happened (if you read my blog post on developing allergies this won’t be a shock to you!)… I’ve discovered that I developed a milk allergy! If right now you’re scratching you head thinking “what”? You can read the post here.

Before discovering this, I had been feeling unwell for months. I was constantly ill, but I never understood why. My skin was breaking out. I could tell my body was fighting something.

I cleaned up my diet. I increased my water intake. I got all my vitamins. I started taking baths. I tried everything under the sun to figure out why I was constantly sick and bloated.  I went to doctors (yes plural); I had blood work done. I looked into consulting with a Naturopath, but at an estimated $400 a session there was just no way I could go for it.

So I tried an elimination diet and started with the usual suspects – dairy and wheat. After three days of being dairy free, I began feeling so much better.

I am only on my 8th day of living dairy free, but I my body feels renewed. As a result, my mind feels renewed. I have so much more life and energy. I’ve struggled just to maintain weight over the last few months, and since last week I am down 5 lbs.

I feel really great and I’m so glad to share that with you guys. If your body is telling you that something isn’t right, never stop searching! Never stop discovering. There were moments in this part of my journey that I felt hopeless. I’m glad it’s not in my nature to ever give up.
Improvements: NO MORE BLOATING. No more feeling yucky. No more allergies. A feeling of supreme wellness. I’m even feeling my energy shift in a more positive direction. Everything is improving.

Current Focus: A few times on this blog I have mentioned that the scale kept climbing over the last few months, but I didn’t know why. Now that I’ve got that under control, I feel like the sky is the limit for me. It’s been over three months since I’ve seen my abs. If there is one thing I have realized these last few months, it’s that I’m so much more than abs. Our society values an ideal that is extremely hard to maintain. My focus right now is on my health and my energy. That’s the place that my workouts and meals will come from.

Eating: Okay, I’ll say it one more time: now that I’ve eliminated dairy, I feel so much better. I am also going to continue to keep my wheat intake to a minimum and focus on getting my carbs from brown rice and sweet potato. My eating right now is clean and carb conscious, but I haven’t eliminated carbs for any meals specifically.

Feeling: Physically I feel empowered. I have been able to overcome something that plagued me for so long. I am so much reminded right now why I am so passionate about health and wellness. Because I know that the pursuit is a daring experiment, and finding the answer is worth it.

I find myself having a renewed sense of enthusiasm in my passion. May it carry on for the rest of the year!

2 responses to “January Check-in”

  1. Congrats on being your own health detective! If you’re interested Dr William Davis has a lot to say about wheat and all grains in his book Wheat Belly Total Health. Here’s to feeling awesome!


  2. Brilliant! Wow! Let me know how the anxiety goes in the month to come. What a relief, now you can create a new path! Sending super healing vibes!


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