The Panic is Never the Worst Part 

Anxiety. We talk about it here. 

I had a panic attack yesterday. My body misinterprets any signal of distress as impending death. *rolls eyes* Yes, it’s so annoying. 

But the thought occurred to me that as terrible as panic attack feels (like the whole world is crashing down around me and I’m falling into a giant black hole of death) , afterwards is always worse for me. 

Because that’s when you have to deal with the guilt, shame, and embarrassment of everything that’s just happened. 

Making sense of something that doesn’t make sense is nonsensical. You know what I mean? 

In many ways I feel it is kind of pointless explaining my anxiety to other people because it really does not make sense. 

And then you realize just how misunderstood you really are. 

And then you feel alone. 

I guess that’s why I’m writing this today, to remind myself that I’m not alone. Reaching out is important. 

We have to come together. Together we have a voice; in numbers we are strong. 

If we’re freaks, we’ll be freaks together, right? 

Thanks for reading, big hugs to you all. 

6 responses to “The Panic is Never the Worst Part ”

  1. I totally understand. I am on a journey of trying to be medication free after 10 years, and I had a nice big panic attack at work a few weeks ago. I was humiliated at the scene I made, even though I have confided in a few people at work regarding my mental health condition. You are certainly not alone… hugs


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