Never give up on your dreams (ever). 

What is your limit?

When do you decide that it’s time to “throw in the towel” on that thing you’ve been working towards, you know, because it’s not ‘working out’.

There is no line drawn in the sand, no official end etched in stone.

It’s up to you.

When it gets hard, we always want to quit. Why? Because hard means difficult, and difficult means pain. We are programmed to avoid pain.

What we don’t see is that beyond that pain lies everything we ever dreamed. If we could only get through it. If we could only welcome the challenge.

When it starts getting difficult, you muat realize that the thing you are striving for is now just out of your reach. Keep going. Yes it’s gonna be hard. Yes it’s gonna be painful. THAT is what makes it worth it.


Dont spend the rest of your life wondering what would have happened if you kept going. Just see it through.

Never give up on your dream. Don’t let go of that thing that makes you feel alive. Push yourself. Don’t sentence yourself to a life of wondering “what if”. Know that the journey is going to be worth it.

If you were able to dream it, you can do it.

I promise you that.

4 responses to “Never give up on your dreams (ever). ”

  1. I assume you’re talking about exercise/fitness/weight lifting and obviously you have to push through the pain if you ever want to make any change but it should also be said that there is strength in knowing when to stop. If something really isn’t working for you don’t keep going just to prove a point. Sometimes it’s good to let go. Don’t be offended by this, I’m enjoying your posts but I’m someone who has ‘given up’ on my dream and I actually feel better for it.


    • I wrote this with more a general sense of not giving up on your dream – which can literally be anything – fitness or not. Working towards a dream is not about proving a point – it’s about passion! If something is truly your lifelong dream and passion, I don’t believe you should ever give up on it. However! If it’s simply something you perhaps just thought you wanted, but have decided it’s not right for you, then of course, the healthy thing is to move on. I totally get that.

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