“I Have Anxiety Too”

Yesterday, a man and I began talking about protein.

He told me : “I can’t take that powder because it triggers my anxiety”, and was quick to apologize with, “sorry, is that too much information?”

I could have said no and brushed it off. But I was intrigued. Intrigued because I know exactly what it’s like to have your anxiety triggered by certain foods.

“No, I get it”, I explained, “I have anxiety too”. 

I sensed he was a little relieved.

“It’s so interesting; the relationship that food has with our bodies. It matters more than people think. Especially for people with anxiety. Why doesn’t anyone talk about this more?”

He agreed, and said he knew what I meant.

Our conversation went on. I was comforted to meet someone like me.

Someone whose body is, for lack of a better word, finicky. There are just certain things my body doesn’t process well. It’s complicated.

“Cake makes me crazy!”, I told this complete stranger.

“Oh, don’t even get me started on fast food!” he said.

We chuckled in agreement.

A day or two of eating junk, a week or two of too much sugar, and it feels like I am basically signing my life away. Like I’ve signed some kind of agreement to feel physically and emotionally drained.

Sometimes it sucks. Sometimes I want to be… what do they call it… oh – normal.

At the end of the day, I know that I have these struggles for a reason. I’m here to figure it out, and fix it. The relationship between food and anxiety. The relationship between fitness and anxiety. Lifestyle and anxiety.

This conversation made me realize I’m not alone. And if you’ve ever been through this, you are not alone either.

For anyone out their with anxiety, I would love for you to share your triggers! I’m always intrigued to help you solve the mystery.

Stay strong, and keep fighting for your health!

11 responses to ““I Have Anxiety Too””

  1. I understand both of you! I have a finicky digestive system (nausea, cannot keep food down or in); and anxiety makes it worse. I cannot eat pizza anymore. It destroys my digestive system and gives me anxiety. Also, the “too many carbs” (even healthy complex ones) and “too full” triggers my anxiety, which triggers my digestion issues. I would love “to be normal”. I cannot take fitness supplements, proteins, or pre/post- workout drinks either. Sometimes I feel like my life is about figuring out what doesn’t react negatively with me. My husband doesn’t even ask anymore, when I excuse myself. Haha!


  2. Totally! Triggers for me, quickly absorbed sugars or simple carbs. A ripe banana is the worst for me! If I choose to eat one, I have to eat it with peanut butter, and then only half of the yellow beastie!

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  3. I think that for the majority of the population, eating foods rich in sugar will affect them in some way. There are few that will admit to it affecting their life in a negative way because they choose to ignore the signs that are staring them in the face. Without a doubt, my mental and physical health are affected by everything that I eat and it is why I choose to be The Chief in Charge of Food, when it comes to putting anything in my mouth (no sniggering) as the consequences can be devastating. Blood sugar affects mood. The brain survives on only glucose and will be the first organ to suffer when diet is poor. While some foods appear to be comforting, they are in fact, mind altering. I think it is important to also include caffeine and sugary drinks in this context. Great post.

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  4. I have normal triggers – sugar, caffeine, simple carbs… if I eat poorly I know I will feel poorly in more ways than my digestion. I avoid my triggers most of the time but I still indulge now and then, usually I am pretty good at knowing how much I can take until it’s going to adversely affect me.
    I have been reading up on the correlation between diet/digestion and hormones a lot over the past year and it’s fascinating. The western approaches to medicine and viewing the body as whole/connected rather than separate parts is also very interesting and has really opened my eyes to living and dealing with my anxiety in more natural ways.
    Always nice to know that we are not alone in fighting the battle and great post as always!


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