Quick Personal Update && Vegas Vacation Pics!

Hey everyone!

Tonight, just a short post to update whats going on with me! I was away for the weekend in Las Vegas and I had a wicked, much needed vacation. It was fun to dress up, see a couple of shows, and just let lose!

I am, without a doubt, a very busy person. Sometimes, I pretend to complain about it. But the truth is, being productive and being busy makes me happy. However, there are those times when I want nothing more than to relax with my babe poolside…


Me with my babe at the pool 

What’s great about taking vacations is that I usually return home with a renewed sense and focus of what I want. I’ve got some plans in the works here, which since I am well rested I feel excited to get going on!

Here are some of the goals I am focusing on right now:

  • Leaning out for the winter (seems backwards, but my goal is to show people that you CAN be #rippedforchristmas !)
  • Staying business focused
  • Saving for a house. I’m finally adulting! I feels good to be moving into the next phase in life!

For me, life revolves around self-improvement. I will be content with what I have, but I will always want more. And I’m not just talking about money. I’m talking about personal growth 🙂 !


Good things are happening and I hope to see them continue for the rest of the year!

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