New Addition to my Leg Workout

Hello Everyone!

IMG_4620 (2)

Check out these legs today!

I have been struggling hard for the last year to grow these legs, but they are crazy stubborn, and therefore still my weakest point. Well this week I added a new addition to my leg workouts, and I think it’s going to be a game-changer: Front Squats. 

Regular squats are a must-do for leg-day champs. The front squat variation has the weight placed on the shoulders – this forces the quads to do more of the work. This exercise also totally exhausted my central nervous system. It was a really intense first-time workout; actually, it was the most intense quad workout I have ever had! I definitely shocked my system! It is good to mix it up sometimes. To do something that surprises your body, and causes it to go into overdrive and work HARD.

I followed the front squats with:

  • back or ‘regular’ squats
  • stiff-legged deadlifts
  • calf extension

Now that I’m incorporating these in on leg day, I can’t wait to see my progress a few weeks down the road!

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