MOTIVATION: A Tool in your Wellness Toolbox.


Motivation is inspiration. It is the thing that gets you going, that pushes you to make plans towards your future dreams and goals. Finally getting motivated and feeling that excitement is a wonderful rush; a surge of determination to make your dreams a reality.

But unfortunately… that’s it. Motivation alone can’t get you where you want to go.

I remember 1.5 years ago, scrolling through instagram, looking through all of these pictures of beautiful fit people and thinking “I’m unhappy. I’ve had it. This is what I want now”. In that moment, I was extraordinarily motivated and pumped up to move towards it. I am proud to say that I feel I have been successful. But I’m not where I am today because of that moment.

Motivation is a tool you use to start. Use it! Use it to create the HABIT that is going to carry you through to your goal. When you start a new journey and you are excited about it, you lay the foundation for how you are going to get there. I do not wake up super motivated every day to workout and eat well. In all honesty, that desire comes and goes. But when I was super motivated, I got so used to doing these things that they have become almost automatic; I don’t think about it anymore. You manage and tweak the changes required to your lifestyle to meet your goals while you are motivated and inspired, and you keep going not because you are super pumped about it all the time, but because it is simply what you do.

I’m not saying that motivation is only something that you experience in the beginning; like I said, it comes and goes. We all need a little push here and there. Be creative. Look up quotes, look up people who inspire you, surround yourself with people who make you want to be better. Work until your idols become your rivals. Do whatever it takes to light that fire under you whenever you need it, and let your habit and routine do the rest in carrying you through.








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